Cat Dental Cleaning in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Cats regularly groom themselves. However, they need help when it comes to their oral health. New pet owners may not realize the need for routine cat dental cleaning for their cats. Like their owners, cats can experience a range of serious conditions without professional and at-home dental care. Learn more about cat dental cleaning for Nevada pets at Trailwood Cat Hospital.

Why Is Cat Dental Health Important?

A cat’s teeth can accumulate unwanted plaque and tartar. Tartar and bacteria can get underneath the gum line, causing inflammation and more. Like humans, cats can experience dental disease which, when untreated, can make chewing and eating difficult. Without professional cat dental cleaning, cats may develop bad breath, abnormal chewing patterns, bleeding gums, discomfort, or loosening teeth. Serious dental concerns can be prevented with professional oral assessments and cat dental cleaning.

Cat Dental Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

How to Support Cat Dental Care at Home

At-home dental care involves brushing once a week, or daily if possible. Veterinary-recommended dental products are safe for regular use. Our veterinarian can review a home dental care program to address concerns and prevent dental disease and more.

Pet owners should not use human toothpaste or baking soda on cats. Pet-friendly toothpaste is more pleasant for cats to taste and is safe if swallowed. The combination of at-home and professional dental care helps cats experience optimal oral health.

What Does Cat Dentistry Involve?

Our associates take every measure to ensure a cat’s comfort during a professional dental cleaning. While under anesthesia, our veterinarian examines the cat’s oral health and notes any abnormalities. An assessment involves dental x-rays and probing of any developing periodontal pockets. After a thorough evaluation, a cat’s teeth are professionally cleaned. Tooth scaling will be performed, removing hard tartar that has formed under the gum line. Afterward, the teeth are polished and a sealer is often applied.

Dental care may also address symptoms of gum disease, or issues like abscesses, or loose or broken teeth. Additional services may be recommended to improve a cat’s dental health, such as at-home dental care, more frequent dental cleanings, or tooth extractions.

Professional Cat Dental Cleaning in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Our cat patients are as individual as their owners. In addition to performing cat dental care services like cat dental cleaning and cat dental exams, our veterinarian and staff take the steps needed to reduce any associated stress and create a comfortable environment. At our full-service fear free cat care hospital serving the Summerlin, Las Vegas community, cats receive the highest quality of care and attention.

Have more questions about professional and at-home dental care? For routine cat dental cleaning or to address oral health concerns, call 702-723-9931 to schedule a visit at Trailwood Cat Hospital today.

Las Vegas, NV Cat Dental Cleaning