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Dr. Anna is so incredibly sweet. My cats love her as do I. She has done a great job. She was very thorough and has a gentle hand. She will explain all options regarding your cat. My cats had bad teeth and Dr. Anna did an excellent job with extractions. All check ups were A+. She will follow up the next day to be sure your kitty is doing well. I highly recommend Dr. Anna. I would say she is the most compassionate vet I have ever been to, she truly cares about you and your pet.

C. O'Connor

I knew from the first meeting, both my cats were in great hands with Dr. Daffara. Neither of my cats are the friendliest of characters when it comes to going to the Vet and Dr. Daffara understands the different (and with my cats, the difficult) personalities of the cats she sees and treats. She treats you and your pet with love and respect and because of that, my cats are Dr. Daffara's patients for life. Thank you Dr. Daffara for all you do, you're a God sent to all cats and we love and appreciate you and your heart space.

Angela M.

Dr. Daffara is the best vet anyone could ask for. She listens to your concerns, works with you personally, and thinks your cat is just as cute as you do!! She really cares about the well being of every cat and that's very obvious in the way she communicates. No matter how busy she is, she always takes the time to sit down with you and have a heart to heart. I wish all vets could be as compassionate and knowledgeable as her.


Dr. Anna Daffara is one of the most intuitive, loving, gentle & wise veterinarians that has completed medical school and chose to go into business. THANK GOODNESS! She is an Earth Angel for Cats & the people they own. Our Cats are healthier & moving better due to her wisdom & treatments. She is personable, upfront, understanding and is not dictated by time when she speaks about treatment, care or procedures to make our beloved cats healthy again. Dr. Anna, I wish your clone was my personal Doctor.

Alise S.

Dr Anna is one of the most caring veterinarians not to mention humans, that I have ever met! Dr Anna Daffarra always went above and beyond for my furbabies! Not only does she do what is best for your furbaby, but she does it for you as well. She listens and always has an alternative treatment which is best for your furbabies and you! Thank you so much being being amazing! Thank you for being you!

Jennifer T.

We are relatively new to the Las Vegas metro area, having relocated here in 2012, with our two kitties (brother & sister) who are now 17-1/2 years old. We were extremely fortunate to have discovered Dr. Dafara and we believe both of our, now elder, kitties would agree wholeheartedly, if they could. In our experience, “Dr. Anna” is perhaps the most compassionate veterinarian our kitties have ever been seen by. She listens carefully, answers all of our questions completely and explains things so that we understand clearly. All this, coupled with her ever cheerful demeanor, serves to calm down our anxiety, as well as our kitties’, when we find the need to bring them in for examinations, tests, etc. We highly recommend Dr. Anna to anyone who loves their kitties and wants them to be in good hands.

Ted R.

Our Mission

Our mission at Trailwood Cat Hospital is to give our patients the best possible care while maximizing their comfort and decreasing the stresses often associated with veterinary visits.

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Trailwood Cat Hospital is a full-service fear free cat care hospital in the community of Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding areas. Dr. Anna Daffara has been practicing in the field of veterinary medicine for over 16 years and she is very much looking forward to opening her own practice specializing in feline services in August of 2021! Dr. Daffara is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and holds certifications in both Fear Free Certification and Feline Friendly Handling Certification.

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